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Caruso e Minini, ‘Arancino’ Macerato Bianco 2022

Caruso e Minini, ‘Arancino’ Macerato Bianco 2022


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  • producer: Caruso E Minini
  • region: Sicily
  • appellation: Terre Siciliane
  • country: ITA
  • grape varietal:  catarratto, inzolia
  • production notes: certified organic, certified biodynamic, woman winemaker/owner

  • Located on Sicily’s western-most coast near the town of Marsala, Caruso & Minini’s history dates back to the late 1800’s when Antonio Caruso bought the company to grow grapes for the nearby Marsala factories. The company was passed through subsequent generations until Nino Caruso started making and bottling his own wine in the mid 1900’s. In 2004, Stefano Caruso joined forces with Mario Minini of Lombardy to launch the present-day winery, producing wines from indigenous Sicilian varietals such as catarratto, nero d’avola, frappato, inzolia, and nerello mascalese. Today, Stefano’s daughter Giovanna works closely with her father to head up this historic winery. The winery now encompasses 120 hectares at 200-400 meters above sea level, including 5 hectares that are farmed organically and biodynamically and dedicated to Giovanna Caruso’s BIO project. 

    Candied citrus, sunshine and Mediterranean herbs with a white tea-like tannin.

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