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Zlatan Otok, ‘Bilo Idro’ Plavac Mali 2021

Zlatan Otok, ‘Bilo Idro’ Plavac Mali 2021


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  • producer: Bilo Idro
  • region: Coastal Croatia
  • country: HVN
  • grape variety: plavac mali

  • From the distributor:

    “ In 1991, Zlatan Otok winery became the second private winery in Croatia after the country declared its independence. Established by Zlatan Plenković in a picturesque fishing village called Sveta Nedjelja on the Island of Hvar, today Zlatan Otok is one of the largest private wineries in Croatia. Zlatan had big dreams and worked very hard. His legacy of hard work, entrepreneurial persistence and dedication to traditional winemaking is now continued by his sons, Nikola and Marin, and winemaker Davor.”

    The grape, plavac mali, is a cousin of zinfandel. Aromas of blueberry, plum and  green herbs with healthy salinity and earthiness. Served lightly chilled. 

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