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Gonc Winery, Harvest Moon Orange Wine 2019

Gonc Winery, Harvest Moon Orange Wine 2019


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  • producer: Gönc Winery
  • region: Stajerska
  • country: SVN
  • grape variety:  pinot grigio
  • production notes: certified organic

  • In 1936, Peter Gene’s great grandfather built Gönc Winery’s first wine cellar and planted the vineyard around it in the small town of Dubrovnik in Slovenia. After World War II, he moved to the city Ptuj where he started working in the Ptujska Klet – Ptuj wine cellar as a cellar cleaner and worked his way up to head winemaker and CEO of the oldest winery in Slovenia. Peter’s father also worked at the same winery but on the side, he also planted 24 acres of vineyards to keep up the family tradition (now 28 acres total). When Peter came of age, they built a new cellar in Ptuj and started Gönc again. Peter is the 4th generation of winemakers and winegrowers in the family.

    This wine is light amber in color with note of chamomile and kumquat on the nose. The palate is sure to give you a surprise as it's ripe with flavors of tomato leaf and apricot with a high salinity finish. 

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