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Iapetus Wine, ‘Tributary Piquette’ Pétillant Naturel 2020

Iapetus Wine, ‘Tributary Piquette’ Pétillant Naturel 2020


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  • producer: Iapetus Wine
  • region: Champlain Valley
  • country: Vermont, USA
  • grape variety: marquette, la crescent, frontenac, louise swenson, itasca and petite pearl

In early 2008, Ethan Joseph began working at Shelburne Vineyard. Ten years of self-education, first-hand experience and the support and guidance of friends, colleagues, and co-workers led Joseph to start his own winemaking project: Iapetus. Iapetus is the name of the ancient sea which once covered the bedrock that was thrust into the present-day Champlain Valley. Joseph works with the soil, water and vines in order to make wines he feels represent the region and story of the grapes and land.

This light red is a piquette, which refers to an old style of winemaking, traditionally made and enjoyed by farmhands and vineyard workers. Water is added to grape pomace in a 50/50 blend, fermented and pressed off the skins. This results in a fresh, low-alcohol and often lightly sparkling wine. The nose of this piquette is juicy and floral, abounding with rose petals and warm, earthy undertones. Notes of macerated strawberries, roses and lively bubbles zip across the palate.

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