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Borja Peréz, 'Artifice Blanco' Listán Blanco 2020

Borja Peréz, 'Artifice Blanco' Listán Blanco 2020


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  • producer: Borja Peréz
  • region: Canary Islands
  • appellation: Ycoden-Daute-Isora
  • country: ESP
  • grape variety: listán blanco
  • production notes: certified organic

Former race car mechanic and wine maker Borja Peréz grew up in a winemaking family and started his own label in 2011 dedicated to making wine in Tenerife. He started with the 2 hectares of his family, mainly planted with baboso and listán negro and set about restoring the vines to full health. In 2014 he introduced a new line,  Artifice, from purchased grapes. Today he owns 7 hectares of vineyards planted with albillo, vijariego negro, and marmajuelo, as well as the original plantings of baboso and listán negro. He also works another 4 hectares of vineyards from 6 different growers.

Listán blanco is another name for palomino fino, a very common sherry-making grape. This wine is both dry and round with bright mineral salinity and a slight smokiness. This listán blanco is aged in large oak foudre and spends 7 months on the lees. Notes of pine, clove,  preserved lemon and kumquat make this a wine unlike any other we’ve had before. We recommend it for a tapas-style dinner or enjoy it on its own. 

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