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Laila Maghathe, ‘Love Letter’ 2022

Laila Maghathe, ‘Love Letter’ 2022


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  • producer: Laila
  • region: Bekaa Valley
  • country: LBN
  • grape variety: marini, merwah 
  • production notes: woman winemaker/owner, no sulfites added

Laila Maghathe is a young winemaker who, while originally from the United States, splits her time making wine between Lebanon and Southern Australia.  She is originally from the US and is currently making wine between Lebanon and Southern Australia. She’s been making vintages of ‘Love Letter’ since 2021 as an ode to her Levantine roots. 

Carbonically macerated marini with merwah (Lebanese red and white grapes), that makes a light, chillable red with floral aromas, notes of pool water and crunchy plum with a finishing hint of white pepper and spice. 

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