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Micro Mariotti, ‘Sèt e Mèz Rosato’ NV

Micro Mariotti, ‘Sèt e Mèz Rosato’ NV


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  • producer: Mariotti
  • region: Emilia-Romagna
  • appellation: Emilia
  • country: ITA
  • grape varietal: fortana

Beach vines! Beach wines! The unique Bosco Eliceo growing area has select cru vineyards -100 year old vines on native rootstock - that grow on the sandy shores of the Adriatic Sea. Combine the raw material, along with a local tradition of making frizzante metodo ancestrale wines, and you got yourself something fun! Unfiltered. The locals often give the lees a shake before drinking. This wine is named for a local card game, Sèt e Mèz which is similar to Blackjack.

Intense acidity and floral overtones make this pink sparkling an excellent choice for pairing with rich foods. Notes of blood orange, red berry fruits and robust effervescence. The name of the grape, fortana, roughly translates to “tough one,” possibly because it is high yielding and thrives in tough clay soils. 

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In accordance with Pennsylvania liquor law, all of our bottle sales, including the wine club, will be pick-up only from our store inside Lawrenceville Market House.

The sale will not be completed until you pick up your wine and present your valid US drivers’ license or passport. We are limited to 4 bottles (3L) per transaction. If you are interested in ordering more than 6 bottles, send us an email to

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