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Rosha Winery, ‘Timothee’ Rkatsiteli Mtsvane Dry Amber 2022

Rosha Winery, ‘Timothee’ Rkatsiteli Mtsvane Dry Amber 2022


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  • producer: Rosha Winery
  • region: Kakheti
  • country: GEO
  • grape variety: rkatsiteli, mtsvane

Rosha began in a family-owned cellar in Akura, Kakheti in 2015.  They made wine for friends and family and then opened to the public in 2017. Their rkasiteli vineyard was planted over 50 years ago, while Kisi-Khikvi vineyard came about at the time of Georgian Independence,   slightly over 25 years old. The end of Soviet collective farming brought about the revival of traditional grape varietals such as Kisi and Khikhvi, that came near extinction during the Soviet industrialisation of wine culture.

This rkatsiteli and mtsvane blend is aged in qvevri on the skins. Pale gold with notes of spring herbs and yellow peaches with a silky texture. 

Where can I pickup?

In accordance with Pennsylvania liquor law, all of our bottle sales, including the wine club, will be pick-up only from our store inside Lawrenceville Market House.

The sale will not be completed until you pick up your wine and present your valid US drivers’ license or passport. We are limited to 4 bottles (3L) per transaction. If you are interested in ordering more than 6 bottles, send us an email to

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