Sophia Marie Pappas, the artist behind our beautiful illustrations.


Cort Kreer,  for giving our company vision and life with her design and branding work.

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The entire staff of Bar Marco. We wouldn’t be who we are without you. 

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Nine O'Clock Wines wouldn't exist without the mentorship, friendship and support of so many amazing people in our community.

Bar Marco’s many adventurous wine-drinking guests. We miss seeing you! 

Every great wine bar we’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

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The Pittsburgh small business owners who’ve shared their triumphs, struggles and advice with us.

Aadam Soorma

Sonja Finn

Carrie Clayton

Rebecca Harrison

Zev Rovine

Melissa McCart

Eric Moorer

Sukanta Nag

Hal B. Klein

RAW Wine

Chatham Women's Entrepreneurship Center

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And always, our friends, family, and significant others who have supported us along the way.


It takes a village to drink this much wine. 

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