Read a sample wine club letter: August 2022

Read a sample wine club letter: August 2022

I have something to admit. Christie and I have been keeping a BIG secret for the last few months and now we can finally share it with you! Nine O’Clock Wines is getting its next big break: we’re moving to Lawrenceville! We are thrilled to be partnering with Lawrenceville Market House to bring you Nine O’Clock Wines in its own space at 4112 Butler Street. This means that we’ll be able to expand our offerings and bring you more excellent natural wine. The ink is still drying on our contract so I’m sure we’ll have more updates soon. 

For now, we’ll be closing the bottle shop at Bar Marco after Saturday, August 27 in order to work on the buildout of the new space. We’ll still be hosting events and running the wine club (don’t worry, for now wine club pick up will still be at Bar Marco.) We are humbled by the support all of you have given us to get to this point. The wine club has been the anchor of Nine O’Clock Wines and we can’t wait to continue growing. Cheers to change! 

Gaspard is one of famous importer Jenny & François’ house labels that features wines made in cooperation with select winemakers from France and beyond. All the wines are made with the most traditional and popular varieties from the Loire Valley. The grapes are sourced from growers who work sustainably or organically across different vineyards and then are fermented with native yeast. The wines spend a couple of months on the lees (resting on top of the yeasts that died during fermentation. This contributes flavors like brioche and butter). They then undergo light filtration and fining. “Gaspard” is a traditional French boy’s name that means “bringer of treasure.” Gaspard, Touraine Rosé 2020 is a blend of pineau d'aunis, cabernet franc and gamay.

tasting notes: This rosé is crisp, dry and bursting with red raspberry and stone fruit notes. The finish is surprisingly green and fresh, like early spring radishes. We drink this with summer salads and other light fare or just on its own. 

In 1994, Stefano Antonucci quit his job as a banker and returned to his village of Barbara in the Marche region of Italy. Once there, he set to work transforming his family’s cooperative winery into Santa Barbara. One of Antonucci’s main goals is to reintroduce the Marche region’s indigenous grape varieties (verdicchio del castelli di jesi, montepulciano and lacrima di morro d’alba) to the global market.  The Santa Barbara Pignocco Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC 2020 is 100% verdicchio del castelli di jesi. “Pignocco” is the folkloric name for a native bushy pine tree that grows on the hilltops of this vineyard. 

tasting notes: This is an easy-drinking and refreshing white wine with floral overtones and notes on the palate of  almond, peach, ripe cantaloupe and green apple. We suggest serving it with light appetizers. 

Sometimes it’s really difficult for us to track down information about growers and winemakers. That was the case with the Parceleros, Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir 2021. We were able to verify through the importer that they are small family growers in Chile who vinify their wines in separate lots to try to retain their unique character. The word “parceleros” is Argentinian slang for small growers or vignerons, which captures the heart of who makes these wines. This pinot noir is sustainably grown and hand harvested. 

tasting notes: Fresh, lighter bodied aromas of wild raspberry, cherry, cranberry with hints of mint and a yogurt-like, smooth finish. Pair with meatier fishes like salmon or grilled chicken. 

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