A natural wine club and bottle shop in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Fun over formality. Education over exclusivity. 

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Opening a bottle of wine is cause for celebration! Every drop holds the work of time, wind, rain and the many hands that made it.


We love natural wines because they reflect each step of the agricultural and winemaking processes; from the influences of local flora and fauna that live in the vineyards to the naturally occurring yeasts that shape the flavors during fermentation. These wines contain little to no additives, so the result is purely reliant on the skill in bringing all of these factors together to create a great bottle of wine. At Nine O’Clock Wines, we share the joy of that experience with you.


We love nine o’clock at Bar Marco. It’s the time when the staff gathers behind the bar to test our knowledge with a quick blind tasting. Someone secretly pours and the rest of us sip, trying to discern whether it’s something new or a familiar favorite. It’s fun, we learn something and we get a pause to reflect on the night.


It’s also the time when the dining room is in full swing; the hum of chatter floats over the tables and everyone is settled well into their evening. Drinking wine should feel like a warm, candlelit room where your loved ones have gathered to enjoy something temporal together.