Why We're Here

Nine O’Clock Wines was co-founded with love by two friends, Celine Roberts and Christie Kliewer.

After meeting on the job at Bar Marco in 2018, we both fell in love with natural wine and began imagining a future in which this passion would be the central focus of our work.

Using our backgrounds in library science, food journalism and the service industry, we dug into the world of natural wine, tasting everything we could get our hands on, and learning from our colleagues.

Over the next few years, while we folded napkins, sipped wines with our coworkers and encouraged guests to taste new wild and wonderful bottles, we always came back to the same idea: wine should be fun and approachable. There are no wrong answers when it comes to what people enjoy in their glass, whether it’s a sweet white, a funky, skin contact sparkler or a savory red.

Through Nine O’Clock Wines, we hope that our guests will feel encouraged to ask questions and learn about natural wines with us.