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Bordiga, ‘Chiot’ Montamaro

Bordiga, ‘Chiot’ Montamaro


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  • producer: Bordiga
  • region: Piedmont
  • country: ITA

Pietro Bordiga founded the Bordiga distillery in 1888. He was a bartender and herbalist, living in Turin who wanted to make vermouth and amaro from the local alpine herbs and flowers. His homebrew was a hit with other local bars and so he established Bordiga in the town of Cuneo to bump up production and to be close to both the Alps and the Mediterranean to source his herbs. Today, they still make all of their own infusions using wild plants, like gentian, chamomile and juniper, gathered from the alps by local mountaineers and foragers. 

In Piedmont, a ‘chiot’ is an alpine plateau with a hut, a refuge for shepherds or travelers. Amaro Chiot is an alpine- style amaro. All of the botanicals are wild foraged, with the exception of the genepy, which is a protected plant and so is grown and harvested in the mountains. This amaro is texturally light and mid-sweet with notes of genepy, yarrow, thyme and a soft mint finish.

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