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Cavallotto, ‘Pinner’ Vino Bianco 2022

Cavallotto, ‘Pinner’ Vino Bianco 2022


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  • producer: Cavallotto
  • region: Piedmont
  • appellation: Langhe
  • country: ITA
  • grape variety: pinot noir
  • production notes: certified organic

  • The Cavalotto family is well known for producing high quality Barolo. Alfio, Giuseppe and Laura Cavallotto are fifth generation winemakers and vineyard stewards. The family is the chief owner of the Bricco Boschis cru in the Castiglione Falletto district, where they have been growing nebbiolo since 1929 and bottling their own wine since 1948. They also grow dolcetto and pinot noir, which they vinify in a white style and harvest from Champagne clones planted more than 40 years ago in the Bricco Boschis cru. 

    This pinot noir is made in a blanc de noirs style, which means the color is white, in spite of using a red wine grape. The palate has a strong white grape juice punch and is texturally dry with an almost fuzzy finish. There’s a decent amount of muscle and perfume with excellent minerality and aromas of tropical fruits. Good aging potential.

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