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NON, '3' Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu NV

NON, '3' Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu NV


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  • producer: NON
  • country: AUS
  • fruit variety: water, verjus, oranges, yuzu, sugar, salt, cinnamon 

NON was founded in 2017 by an Australian entrepreneur, Aaron Trotman. He went in search for a good N/A wine option for his sober significant other and when he didn’t find anything that lived up to his expectations, founded NON. NON uses verjus, the unfermented juice of young grapes, makes up the base of every NON bottle and helps give it acidity, texture and balance. 

Floral yuzu and a hint of cinnamon give this N/A wine an aromatic expression paired with a silky texture. Comparable to a clean-drinking chardonnay. 

Where can I pickup?

In accordance with Pennsylvania liquor law, all of our bottle sales, including the wine club, will be pick-up only from our store inside Lawrenceville Market House.

The sale will not be completed until you pick up your wine and present your valid US drivers’ license or passport. We are limited to 4 bottles (3L) per transaction. If you are interested in ordering more than 6 bottles, send us an email to

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