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One of One, Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine

One of One, Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine


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  • producer: One of One
  • region: California
  • country: USA

One of One is a nonalcoholic wine project from fifth generation winemaker Paul Scotto. These wines are alcohol removed wines and the process for dealcoholization begins in the vineyard and includes proprietary equipment that uses a gentle vacuum process to remove the alcohol and lasts no more than 19 seconds at 74°. 

Notes of salted brioche and a strong, foamy bubble. 

Where can I pickup?

In accordance with Pennsylvania liquor law, all of our bottle sales, including the wine club, will be pick-up only from our store inside Lawrenceville Market House.

The sale will not be completed until you pick up your wine and present your valid US drivers’ license or passport. We are limited to 4 bottles (3L) per transaction. If you are interested in ordering more than 6 bottles, send us an email to

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