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Ulibarri Artzaiak, Bizkaiko Txakolina Artzai 2017

Ulibarri Artzaiak, Bizkaiko Txakolina Artzai 2017


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  • producer: Ulibarri Artzaiak
  • region: Basque Country
  • appellation: Bizkaiko
  • country: ESP
  • grape variety: hondarrabi zuri
  • production notes: certified organic

Ulibarri Artzaiak is an ecological viticultural-livestock project located in the middle of a 30-hectare plot in the center of the forest in the Biscayan town of Gordexola. The vineyard itself is only 2.2-hectares and is used in the autumn and winter as grazing pasture for a flock of “latxa” sheep. 

An organic txakoli made with the native grape variety of hondarrabi zuri. Aged on lees for 2 months and has aromas of ripe fruit and nuts, butter and balsamic notes. Cheese wine!

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